Surviving the Apocalypse

Essential things to have in a Get Home Bag

Good info of what to have when away from home base so you can make it back safely.  Even if you have an impenetrable fortress in the wasteland you’ll be vulnerable when you head to town to barter.  Keep this Get Home Bag nearby so you can make it back if you’re jumped by raiders or simply caught in a natural disaster.

How to Build a Get Home Bag

See also their info on creating a Bug Out Bag incase your fortress of solitude is penetrated.

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We focus on helping you through the Zombie/Alien/Nuclear Apocalypse but for a pleasant diversion from the wasteland you have found yourself in here are some tips on surviving the imaginary robopocalypse.

Very smart to use your inate unpredictability to confuse the robots logical minds.


The holidays are a difficult time when zombies are around.  Remember, “Safety First!”

And don’t mistake the drunken stumbling of uncle Albert for a zombie, he just like the ‘nog.

If you can only carry one thing, make a it a folding shovel.

If you come across one of these in the wastelands be sure to pick it up!  Multi-tool items cut down on what you have to carry and while they may not be as efficient as specialized gear you’ll want the weight savings in the long run.

Few things in the wasteland are as handy as a folding shovel or E-tool.  In a pinch they can be weapons, they can improve fighting positions for defense of your shelter, bury dead bodies to prevent the plague from spreading, or hide caches of weapons or food.

Even if you’re roaming the wasteland alone, sleeping whenever you can get the chance, an e-tool can change your situation from exposed on the ground to protected in a bivouac:
- Just dig a man sized trench in the ground, 2ft deep.
- Pile the dirt around the edges (soldiers call this a “Ranger Grave”).
- Lay a plastic tarp over the top.
- Use a wooden staff, dowel, or string between two stakes to keep the tarp just above the layer of dirt.
- Pile dirt on the corners to keep it from blowing away if you don’t have rocks or stakes handy.

Now you have significantly improved your sleeping situation in just a few short minutes.  You’re dry, protected from the elements, out of the wind, insulated on 3 sides, in a protected trench in case of firefight, and better protected from the blast effects of bombs.
If there is some nearby debris like corrugated steel or wooden panels you can dig the hole under there to camouflage your shelter.  With a relatively thick piece of steel a small army could march overhead and never know you were hiding beneath.

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Quick Tip #9582 - Mortuary

If you fortified the local supermarket for your last stand against the invading hordes the freezer section makes a good temporary morgue for the bodies of your compatriots as you’re slowly picked off one by one.  With as stressful as your situation already is you don’t need the stink of rotting corpses distracting you.

Hungry for wild berries?

Now that the wastelands are recovering from the apocalypse plants are making a comeback.  Good timing too because your last can of Heinz Beans was polished off a week ago and the dog is looking mighty tasty.

But before you dive into the banquet of delicious horse chestnuts and bushes full of white berries you might want to double check that what you’re eating won’t cause fatal heart palpitations, painful rigor in the muscles, or dehydrating weeks long diarrhea.  This page has some basic tips that might keep you safe.

Survival Skills: Learn Which Fall Plants Are Edible

Some good tips:

About three quarters of the purple-, blue- and black-colored berries are harmless or actually have some nutritional value to a human. From there, the statistics take a bad turn. Only half of the red-colored berries are non-toxic, and fewer than one-tenth of the whitish berries can be consumed by a person with no harm done.
Just try one at a time so you can tell which plant you are allergic to, in case of allergic reaction.

Picture of edible and toxic plants can be found here.

This common decorative yard plant is considered one of the most deadly plant materials around so Yew won’t make the mistake of eating it twice. (Sorry that was a bad one wasn’t it?)


Surviving the Apocalypse Forget the movies. These tips will help you survive the nuclear/alien/zombie apocalypse you have found yourself in.